RoMan 2014 Workshop on Interactive Robots for aging and/or impaired people

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The RO-MAN 2014 Workshop "Interactive Robots for Ageing and Impaired People” (IRAIP2014) is a workshop held in conjunction with the 23rd IEEE International Symposium on Robot And Human Interactive Communication (IEEE RO-MAN 2014), in Edinburgh on August 25 2014.

This workshop aims to promote a discussion on the questions related with the acceptance of interactive robots and systems by users with very different characteristics of those normally targeted by companies. It has become clear in the recent years that robots may play an important role as helpers or companions. The first potential customers of these types of robots are impaired or aged people. The role of these robots is already clearly identified, but there are still questions to be answered such as:

- How to develop robots whose interaction mechanisms and behaviors adapt to the person it is interacting with?

- How to develop robots that are accepted by the endusers?

Based on the above this workshop will open the discussion among the participants based on the perspective presented by the speakers. The presentations will range from the user point of view of the interactive robots, to the case studies, passing by the technological support and theoretical principles.

In this workshop, researchers were invited to present and discuss topics that may include, but are not limited to:

- Robot companions and social robots in home environments;

- Assistive robotics for supporting the elderly or people with special needs;

- Machine learning and adaptation in human‐robot interaction;

- Multi‐modal situation awareness and spatial cognition;

- Computational architectures for human‐robot interaction;

- Detecting and understanding human activity.

Previous information about the workshop

List of accepted papers

WK05-01 - "ICT Services and Robotics: The Social Robot solution" - Christophoros Christophorou, Christianna Tsiourti, Eleni Christodoulou

WK05-02 - "Assistive Robots for Elderly People" - Jorge Dias, Luís Santos, Pedro Trindade

WK05-03 - "Interaction for people with special needs (Special Interfaces)" - Ginger Claassen, Markus Dubielzig, Matthias Lindemann, Klaus-Peter Wegge

WK05-04 - “The role of context in interactive robots “ - João Quintas, Paulo Menezes, Jorge Dias

WK05-05 - “The role of people identification in a social robot” - Luís Santos, Eleni Christodoulou, Jorge Dias

WK05-06 - "How Learning Capabilities Can Make Care Robots More Engaging?" - Maher Ben-Moussa, , Marios A. Fanourakis, Christiana Tsiourti

WK05-07 - "A Robotic Platform for the Social Robot Project" - P. Alvito, C. Marques, P. Carriço, J. Freire

WK05-08 - "A Hierarchical Planning Strategy for Robotic Arms Based on Movement Rules of Human Arms" - Yuan Wei, Jing Zhao

WK05-09 - "Active Learning on Service Providing Model: Adjustment of Robot Behaviors through Human Feedback" - Shih-Huan Tseng, Feng-Chih Liu, Li-Chen Fu

Photos of the workshop

August 25 at 13h30 - Track A

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Paulo Menezes (Institute of Systems and Robotics, Portugal) [pm (at)]

João Quintas (Instituto Pedro Nunes, Portugal) [jquintas (at)]

Luís Santos (ISR-UC, Portugal / Citard Services Ltd, Cyprus) [luis (at)]

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